Anti-Cellulite Skin Patches

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Anti- Cellulite Skin Patch:

”Naturally Removes the Appearance of Cellulite”

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Product Description

✔Improves Skin tone & Smoothness

✔Naturally removes the appearance of  cellulite

✔Firms Skin Naturally

✔Works whilst you sleep, during day & night

✔Promotes health skin structure

✔Small discreet patch

✔Very easy to apply 

Anti- Cellulite Skin Patch:

The Anti- Cellulite Patch features active natural ingredients proven and tested for speedy weight-loss and the promotion of healthy firm skin structure for those suffering from cellulite. The Anti –cellulite skin patch eradicates the appearance of cellulite and firms the skin to give a look of smoothness and softness.

Anti- Cellulite Skin Patch Active Ingredients:

Active ingredients of the Anti-Cellulite Patch include natural, herbal extracts that have proven and tested  to remedy the appearance of cellulite, in addition to helping improve skin tone, smoothness and firmness. Active Ingredients include Caffeine, Dandelion, Fucus, Garcinia Camgogia, Guarana and Vitamin A.


Apply one Anti-Cellulite skin patch daily. Apply to arm, thigh, shoulder or your back .Make sure the area is dry and free from hair .Replace your Anti Cellulite Skin  patch every 24 hours and move to a new position. Continue for the treatment course or until you have reached your weight loss target.

Pack contents: 30 patches


Only for external use only. Always consult your doctor before using if you are receiving treatment for a current medical condition .If in any doubt always consult a qualified medical expert before taking .Do not apply to broken skin or irritated skin conditions Avoid and discontinue use if any irritation occurs and seek guidance from your doctor. this irritation continues .Keep away from children. 

How does The Anti -Cellulite Patch work?

The Anti- Cellulite Patch features natural active ingredients proven and tested  to make weight-loss easier and promote a healthier skin structure for those suffering from cellulite.

The Anti –Cellulite skin patch helps eradicate cellulite and improves skins firmness and skin tone. The Anti- Cellulite Patch is based on highly advanced skin patch technology that has proved to help millions of women by use of a simple-to-use and easy to apply anti – cellulite skin patch. In a similar way, the active anti cellulite ingredients are placed in direct contact with the skin with the aim of assisting the improving the condition, structure and firmness of the skin while dealing directly with the problem of cellulite.

The Cellulite Patch is designed to help speed up your metabolism and help burn more calories and effectively lose weight, helping to improve the appearance of affected areas. The anti -Cellulite Patch can be worn discreetly on any part of your skin in order to be effective. Simply place one on a part of your skin every 24 hours .